EcoGo Releases Its First Book!

Sustainable Tourism: A Small Business Handbook for SuccessFounder Pamela Lanier is releasing her latest book entitled Sustainable Tourism: A Small Business Handbook for Success. The book provides a compact and thorough guide, presenting the principles for sustainable and responsible tourism business practices that protect natural resources and wildlife and contribute to the socioeconomic growth of local communities. The handbook also features helpful supplemental articles, written by a variety of experts on specific innovations and practices, including original case studies of exemplary ecolodges. While the book is addressed to ecotourism entrepreneurs (both current and aspiring), it is also suitable for teaching students in the fields of sustainable business, hospitality and tourism, and can be used in environmental studies. As such, the book is organized in convenient sections to facilitate use as a class text.

The book is currently available in print format from, Barnes&Noble, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, and in various bookstores.

ISBN: 978-1489542236


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