Outsourcing hotel services, sustainably

For many hotels, it’s easier, more economical and greener to outsource cleaning services. In the United States, The Service Companies is a leading one-stop shop for over 400 hotel, casino and vacation ownership properties. The firm cleans more than 15 million hotel guest rooms annually!

The Service Companies also has been acquiring specialists in cleaning and, most recently, staffing via Acrobat Outsourcing. With this deal, clientele broadens to sports stadiums and arenas, corporate catering, hospitals, colleges and universities, and conference centers.

The Service Companies champions the goal of minimizing their environmental impact, and actively participates with clients to enhance sustainability efforts. Company teams are expected to serve as environmental leaders and stewards. EcoGo would like to share the firm’s sustainability policies and practices here.

The Service Companies:  Sustainability Policies and Practices

  • Train employees to prevent cross-contamination of landfill trash with recyclables.
  • Color-code trash bins, to clearly mark the type of trash – green for landfill, blue for recycling.
Water & Energy Conservation
  • Work with equipment manufacturers to specify the right piece of equipment for each job.
  • Use high efficiency motors, low decibel equipment, and HEPA filters to limit impact on indoor air quality.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Limit the number of product orders per month.
  • Require chemical and equipment supply companies to use local distributors.
  • Purchase or leasing of efficient vehicles, including hybrids when available.
  • Limit time for idling of vehicles.
  • Provide 15-passenger vans for van pool service for employees.
  • Limit the use of fuel-powered equipment when work can be done efficiently by other means.
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products in operations.
  • Require suppliers to provide products that are recyclable, to limit landfill trash.
  • Implement an energy conservation strategy in all operations that includes the use of heating, air conditioning, lighting, and use of devices requiring the use of electricity.
  • Turn off power strips in every office at day’s end, to eliminate current used when a device is turned “off.”
Waste Minimization
  • Reduce food waste. Food waste is redirected from landfills to agricultural farming. Food waste can either be pre or post-consumer food waste. Food waste is also very heavy and can easily increase hauling costs.
  • Recover resources. Equipment and materials are never sent to a landfill for disposal. The Service Companies contracts with local and regional resource recovery companies to recycle or redistribute material and equipment no longer needed.
  • Co-mingle recycling. Many municipalities now support co-mingled paper, plastic, cans and glass. A co-mingled recycling service increases the percentage of waste that is recycled by clients. The Service Companies recommends and supports co-mingled recycling.
  • Rake and sort. The Service Companies offers post-consumer raking, sorting and recycling services. While the job is labor intensive, it can result in significant savings.
Chemical And Water
  • Degrease without chemicals. Rather than use chemically dependent degreasers in kitchens, The Service Companies deploy multiple vapor steamers and eliminate or reduce the use of dangerous chemical degreasers.
  • Report leaks. Water leaks are environmentally and financially wasteful and can cause significant damage to a property. A process has been implemented for reporting items needing repair, including water leaks.

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