Pamela’s works have been extensively licensed by companies as diverse as Uncle Ben’s Rice Dishes and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, who placed a copy of the B&B Guide in virtually every doctor’s office in America. We produce custom editions (all formats) in record time and they can be highly tailored to meet specific requests, including individual inserts if necessary.

In 2002, licensing began on Pamela Lanier’s Bed and Breakfast Collection as a brand extending now from fine furnishings with LaneVenture, adding mattresses from Simmons, bedding by Southern Textiles and a collection of renewably sourced guest room accessories with Selamat in 2011.

We are extensively involved in licensing and aggregating information in the small and independent lodging verticals as well as eco lodges, tours and destination information. We have been pleased to provide data and aggregation services to companies ranging from Expedia/ to TimeWarner, Bloomberg, Travelocity, and many others.

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