IMG_0003Pamela has focused her attention on ecotourism and sustainable travel, leading presentations at the World Conservation Congress in Jeju, South Korea at the World Wilderness Congress in Salamanca, Spain. World Travel Market, London, and World Parks Congress, Sydney, amongst 140 conference presentations worldwide. Pamela has been speaking for more than 15 years at hospitality, conservation, and technology conferences on five continents.


Hailed as a pioneer in the E-Travel industry, Ms. Lanier has spoken at such benchmark conferences as:

  • Phocus Wright Travel Technology Conference
  • International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association Conference keynote speaker
  • California Lodging Expo & Conference in Santa Clara
  • Internet World
  • EyeforTravel

Over 140 conferences total, including many Governor’s and Premier’s conferences for tourism. She has hosted three conferences at the Javit center in New York for small properties, and presented at the World Wilderness Conservation Conference and IUCN World Conservation Congress as well as taking part at the special round table of the WTO on sustainable tourism.

Pamela recently spoke at the World Parks Conference in Sydney and the Pacific Asia Indigenous Tourism and Trade Conference on the subject of her deepest passion: bringing tourism with sustainable and positive impacts into protected areas.


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